Sunday, 8 November 2015

LiLash Review.

So Iv not posted in a long time and I'm very sorry about that.
Iv got a great review for you all and I'm going to tell you all to go buy it 'Right Now'! HERE 
Since the Summer Blogger Meet up Iv been using the LiLash purified eyelash serum I was lucky enough to receive to review.

You apply the serum along the lash line every day, I sometimes did it morning and night but mostly every morning before I applied my makeup.
I was slightly apprehensive applying something so close to my eye but Iv had no reaction or irritation from it at all.
The results have been phenomenal, I had individual lashes done a while ago & unfortunately they took half my lashes out with them leaving little stubby hairs, this serum has brought my lashes back to life and them some!

Unfortunately I broke my phone so I don't have a picture of how my lashes were before but I'm sure you can imagine little stubby things attached to my eyes!

After 6 weeks my lashes were incredible, I was so happy with how they looked.

 After 12 weeks my lashes had got a little longer but they also thickened loads as well, I had grown new lashes.

I'm over the moon, my eyes are what make my face, without mascara my eyes are nonexistent so when I lost my lashes I was devastated! This serum is my hero products.


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