Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Garlic mushrooms with primula | Snack Hack.

Primula contacted me to think of some cool recipes that you might not think of using with there tubes of cheese. I jumped at the opportunity! I love food and I hardly ever stick to recipes. The base of the recipe stays the same but I like to add my own little twist.
here's my first of a series of recipes using squeezy cheese.
Garlic Mushrooms.
What you will need:
                                Primula 'Original'
                                1 Garlic Clove
                                Double Cream
                                Bread (toasted)
Chop your garlic and cook in a little oil till golden, throw in your chopped mushrooms (Quick tip, chop more then you think! when they cook they loose water and shrink) Add your Primula 'Original' cheese and double cream. Cook until the cream thickens. Add your salt and pepper, remember you can always add more so taste as you season.
Toast your bread and pile on those mushrooms.
... its as easy as that!!!
This recipe is so versatile, you could use the mushrooms as a sauce with pasta, on a steak or piece of chicken.
You can purchase the Primula 'Original' Here.
*I was kindly sent the Primula cheese by Primula to create this recipe, everything else was bought with my own money*

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