Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Current beauty favorites.

Current Beauty Favorites.

(These are my most used and loved beauty products. there well used so the pictures may not be the best looking, i cleaned them up the best i could.) 

M.A.C - Snob.

You only need to apply a little of this lipstick, a small amount goes along way, i like to dad it onto my lips and blend it in, if you apply it to heavy handed it can look to OTT. It has a satin finish but dries very matte.

Id describe the colour as a light pink with blue undertones but mac describes it as mauve, a bluey purple which i just can't see. With it having a matte finish on your lips, its very long lasting, the pigmentation is crazy (like i said a small amount goes along way).
My lips are very dry so i tend to not buy matte lipsticks but it goes on very creamy and almost sets (hence the longevity) the RRP is £13.00 but that may vary.

Rimmel 'Stay Matte' Powder.

 This is a must when it comes to my everyday makeup look, I have VERY oily skin, if i didn't use a primer and powder my face would get oily in an hour. I used to have very dry skin but this past year its totally flipped and now its SUPER oily.
I only use the powder down the center of my face, thats the oiliest part, my primer tackles the rest.
Its RRP is £3.99 but that may vary.

Sleek eyebrow powder - light.

I NEVER used to fill my eyebrows in, i do not know why, i couldnt do my makeup without doing them now. I have the worst shaped brows and ones higher than the other, there neither light or dark so finding the right shade is difficult. The gel is too red for me as my brows are more ashy with me being fair. I use the powder to shape my brows and make them more equal, dont forget brows are sisters not twins. I blend them out with a spooly to make them look more natural. 
Its RRP is £8.49 but that may vary.

Nude Eyeliner. 

Iv been loving applying a nude eyeliner to my water line and the inner corner, It make my eyes look wide open & brighter. I used to use white but i felt like it was 'too' much sometimes and a nude is a little more subtle.

Maybelline '24hr' colour tattoo. 

Since the first time i used these bases iv loved them.The colours are so pigmented you can use them on there own or under an eyeshadow to enhance it. They go on smooth and creamy and eventually set, if you use it under an eyeshadow it stops it creasing and last all day.

Pink gold is a metallic pink, a little out of my comfort zone but blended out it looks lovely, put under a brown  and it gives it more dimension.

On and on bronze is a metallic brown, its great for a smokey eye. I love this on its own or with a black eyeliner blended out at the lash line.
The RRP for these are £4.99 But may vary.


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