Thursday, 3 April 2014

Michael Kors 'Sexy Amber' Review

Michael Kors 'Sexy Amber' Review.

I've Never being one to obsess over perfumes, I used to just 'spray and go' but recently i've really started to think about what i'm spraying. I've come to the conclusion that my signature scent is 'musky;' (Just a disclaimer, i'm rubbish at describing smells so all you're going to get is musky) I do sometimes venture out into the sweet floral smells but i always gravitate to the more musky ones.
I've tried lots of different brands, lots of different smells and so far my favorite scent is Vivienne Westwoods 'Let it Rock' which is also a musky smell ... BUT that was until i received Michael Kors 'Sexy Amber' as a gift from my mum, shes the manager at a perfume shop & receives them at her managers meetings 
If you haven't guessed already it has a 'musky' smell (surprise surprise) its a very sophisticated smell and it lasts on your skin all day, which is a bonus for me, my pet hate is when you can't smell a perfume you've spent quite a bit of money on, this 50ml bottle retails at around £55 which is pretty pricey but when a little goes along way its actually not that bad.

Not only does it smell good the packaging is Classy, Elegant and Modern, Its the first thing you see when you receive a bottle of perfume so i believe it needs to represent it and this packaging does that perfectly. The name of the perfume contributes to this too and 'Sexy Amber' couldn't be more fitting for it.
You can find this perfume almost everywhere, keep your eye out and if you see it make sure to give it a sniff, im positive youll want to buy it if you do :)

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