Friday, 30 May 2014

Halo/Milkmaid Braid

Every ones being going crazy for the halo/milkmaid braid lately so thought id do a tutorial for those of you who aren't too sure on how its done. Its so simple!

What you'll need - Tail comb
Clear bands
Grips / Bobby pins

Lets get started ...

First, part the hair down your parting and all the way down the back.

Create some volume on the crown area, it doesn't have to be neat.

Do two plaits either side, making it looser at the top so it will lift nicely, secure with clear bands. Pull the plait to make it fatter and a little messier, leave some hair out around your face (you don't have to do the last steps if you want it neat). 

Lift the plait up and over the top of your head, place it were its comfortable and were you think it looks right.
Pin in place.

Leave some strands of hair out & Pin any bits away you want.
You can tweak yours to how ever you think looks best.

... I told you it was simple!

Its a great style that looks difficult but very simple to do.


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