Thursday, 8 May 2014

'My First Time'

Iv being loving watching this TAG on YouTube, and i've read a few blog posts on it so i decided to give it a go myself. This is my variation on the questions as some i didn't know the answers to. 

My First Word: I had to ask my mum and dad about this one, They said it was 'loc' which was me saying cloth, they also told me my favorite word/words/action was to shrug my shoulders, raise my hands up and say 'I dunno' apparently i said it to everything.

First Teddy: I never had a teddy that i treasured because i had my cloth but i did have a little yellow duck, that was my first teddy bought for me, my dog ended up having it as a toy, it obviously wasn't very loved :/

My First Crush: I didn't know what to say for this one as i probably had a few throughout school but didn't want to pursue them So my first real crush was my boyfriend, i knew i wanted him the second i saw him (Awww cute)

First Celeb Crush: This question brought back a lot of memories, i was obsessed with aaron carter, he was a singer and i loved his song 'I want candy' i'm listening to as i'm writing this now!!

My First Boyfriend: Same answer as my first crush, i had a few boys i called my boyfriend but only lasted a day or two, iv being with craig 6 years now so im guessing he trumps them all :)

The First Time I Met My Boyfriend: I met craig through my sister at a rugby game. We met a couple more times after that before we actually classed ourselves as boyfriend and girlfriend.

My First Job: I had a little job when i was about 13/14 going to a market with a local card making shop but my first official job was in a gift shop near where i live, its a very popular shop for people to go get their cards, gift and thorntons chocolates from, I loved working there.

First Concert: I've never been to a 'concert' but my city used to hold 'Party in the park' where lots of groups came and performed, i saw my idols steps (at the time) blue, blazin squad chesney hawks, darius (from pop idol)  and many more which i actually can not remember.

My First CD: I believe my first CD was steps but i could have being bewitched, i know these were my first two CD's and i listened to them religiously.

First Blog Post: This wasn't long ago, My first post was my march hair favorites. It wasn't my best post but i love it because it was my first.

So these were my 'Firsts' i enjoyed writing this post, very nostalgic.
Comment below with one of your firsts, id love to hear them :) 

I tag anyone who would like to give it ago!


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