Thursday, 3 July 2014

SuperDrug Beauty Haul.

I needed to get a few essentials but of course I didn't just buy what I needed, I just cant help myself when im looking at the beauty counters ... Tell me one person who can??

I love the batiste dry shampoo, I prefer the blush scent.
SuperDrug RRP £4.99 

I never really stick to a specific hairspray, I have used this superdrug own brand one before and it is really nice, I like the ultra firm or super hold type sprays as I only use it when I want to keep something in place i rarely use it for any other reason so a strong one is best. This spray doesnt leave your hair sticky and brushes out really easy has pro-vitamin B5.
SuperDrug £1.59

I also never stick to the same face wipes, I went for the superdrug own brand in this instance.
I actually really love them, they smell lovely, really fresh.
In the past iv used face wipes and they've being way to harsh on my skin but these are so super soft and gentle. 
Superdrug RRP £0.99

I love having a body spray in my bag and iv always gone for the impulse ones.
They always smell SO nice & surprisingly the scent last a short while on the skin.
I went for the 'Hint of Musk' scent its my kinda smell!
SuperDrug RRP £0.98

I re-purchased the l'oreal 'Miss Manga' mascara because I REALLY loved it. I love the wand, it has a bristle applicator which I LOVE & it bends which helps you get lift.
The consistency is a little thin to start but ones you've used a few times it thickens and you get a better result.
Superdrug RRP £8.99

I bought this lip combo, I have never owned a lip liner ... I know ... but I think this lip combo will look perfect. I feel nudes always look best with a more defined lip line.
I love my l'oreal collection privee 'Cheryl' lipstick so decided to purchase another from the collection, I went for the 'Julianne' one, its a warm pinky nude. 
Superdrug lip liner RRP £5.19
Lip Stick RRP £8.19
It was 3 for 2 so I got the lip liner free.

Let me know in the comments if you also love any of these product or if iv helped any of you find something new to try :) 


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