Monday, 7 March 2016

#HBMarchMeet 2016

I attended the Hull Bloggers March Meet this weekend at Al Porto restaurant, as always i had  an amazing time! I met some new faces, which is always nice & I got to catch up with some old faces which I should do more often! The #HullBloggers at just the best set of people.

Unlike the last event which was much larger & more of a gathering, this time there we're less people, no stalls & we had a sit down meal. The goodie bags were also reduced, as lovely as it is to get lots of stuff it's also nice to receive a select amount.

We ate from Al Porto's lunch menu & I've got to say it was difficult to choose! I eventually went for the Italian sausage & mash with cannelloni beans in a Napoli sauce. As always it was delicious!

Whilst eating we were all given questions to read out & go round the table and each answer, I found out a lot about people I didn't know before which was lovely.

We were very lucky to receive some amazing goodie from brands & I will be doing individual posts but here's a quick peak ...

As you can see some incredible brands sent us stuff which I'm so greatfull for & can't wait to use!
I had such a lovely day! I'd like to thank Kat & Jenny for putting on an amazing event & Im looking forward to the next one, hopefully in summer!

Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for those reviews.

Chelsea xo

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