Monday, 7 March 2016

System professional 'EnergyCode Complex' review.

I was extremely lucky to be asked to have a new treatment only a few salons are currently doing in the uk, it's by wella and its designed to reenergise your hair..
I found it very bizarre, being a hairdresser & going into a different salon for a treatment but I loved the pampering which I never normally get!

I had a stylist called Ellis at the Unique salon in Hessle, she sat me down, asked me a few questions about my current hair care routine, which products I use to wash & style my hair, how often I wash it & style it.
She worked out what my energy code was and used those products on me at the basin.

I had a lovely bouncy blow dry after & I have got to say my hair felt lovely & even after washing my hair myself the softness has stayed, as to how long this will last I'll be intrigued to find out!

Chelsea xo

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