Tuesday, 29 March 2016

To false nail or not to false nail ?

I've only recently really been keeping on top of my nails after receiving the sensationail gel lamp so when I got some false nails in my #HBMarchMeet goodie bag I was rather excited! 
I've always had bad experiences with false nails as I'm very heavy handed so I was very looking forward to trying these.

I've currently got the Elegant Touch ones on and so far they've lasted me 4 days, 3 nights sleep and a night out! there's no signs of them budging yet either. how amazing is that.
There so beautiful, there pale pink with gold flecks, not too long and an almond shape.
they came with a great selection of sizes, even sizes small enough to fit my nails.

 I cant wait to try the others and to see if there just as good, I'm certainly going to be buying more because they took not time at all to put on and have lasted a great amount of time.
Thanks for reading
chelsea xo

*I received these products for free for my honest opinion*

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