Friday, 27 May 2016

Nandos | New Summer Menu.

Imagine my delight when I was asked by a fellow Hull Blogger if I would like to review the new Nandos summer menu, I cant say no to food!
The new menu launched on 17th may 2016
We were greeted with personalised nando's sauces, Such a loverly touch, followed by the Vino Spritzers, a fresh and fruity addition to the sangria already on the menu. With a choice of three drinks your spoilt for choice.
White- Crispy cara viva and lemonade with sliced lime and a sprig of mint.
Rose- Summer fruits cara viva rose and lemonade with raspberry's, sliced lime a sprig of mint.
Red- Cara viva red and lemonade with raspberry's orange slices and a cinnamon stick.
I couldn't believe my eyes when the Fino platter came out, served on hand made ceramic plate by Nando's you get a whole flame-grilled PERI-PERI chicken, Sweet potato wedges, Fino coleslaw, fresh supergrains, Chargrilled veg and PERI-buttered corn. The chicken was cooked to perfection, it fell off the bone. I was pleasantly surprised at the supergrains, I LOVED them and I'm hoping to go back soon to try the supergrain salad.
We shared a platter between two of us and it was a perfect amount for sharing. If you thought there couldn't be any more they've brought out Two new dessert, Brownies!
PERI-PERI and salted caramel, we got half of each to taste and I thought id demolish them both but because of how delishesly rich they are I could just mange a few bites of each, don't let that put you off, they were amazing.
I must say I preferred the salted caramel as the PERI-PERI was slightly too hot for me! it wasn't until I swolled it I got the hit at the back of my throat, I still ate a few more mouth fulls though. The salted caramel was incredible, so luxurious and velvety! My mouth is currently watering thinking about it.
They've also brought out a new dressing, PERI-Pomegranate. I'm not a sweet sauce on my mains kinda gal so I put it on my ice cream that came with the brownie, incredible! 


Thank you so much to Nando's and Callum for organising the tasting, I had a lovely night and thoroughly enjoyed the food.
*Food was provided by Nando's in exchange for my honest review*

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Regime | Coconut Quench.

I'm super excited to trial these capsules from Regime, I received the 30 day supply of the coconut quench capsules, they contain coconut water powder (equivalent of 400mg of coconut water per serving) Hyaluronic acid.
Hyaluronic acid helps to significantly increase your skins hydration (your whole body) and these capsules will do that in just three weeks. 
They wont just help hydrate your skin leaving it looking glowing it'll improve the damage from cosmetics making it easier to apply makeup.

This was day one of the course so ill be back with the results in 30 days but to find out how I'm finding them through out the process you can follow me on social media ..

If you would like to try these capsules then you can find them in your local Superdrug or online HERE.

*I was sent this product free from Regime for my honest review*


Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Eylure Lash Review.

I was extremely lucky to receive some lashes from Eylure.
I received the Volume 101 lashes and the new Enchanted Forever lashes.
I used to hate lashes, I could never apply them! with a little practice I'm now a pro & love wearing them on a night out (not ventured out during the day In them yet)
they really change and finish off your make up. A Smokey eye looks even more intense and a winged liner more fierce. 
The Volume lashes have a rounded finish with more volume in the centre, perfect if you want to make your eyes look bigger. The spine of the lash is really flexible so there super comfy to wear.
The glue it comes with is brilliant, the lashes stay on & don't lift at all during the night, it dries clear so no glue is visible

The Enchanted range is new to Eylure and I love them, I received the Forever lashes and there totally me! I'm a big Smokey eye wearer when I go out and I like to wing it out slightly, the forever lashes are wispy and flare out, the lash hairs are more denser on the outer edge. I love this shape.
The spine is also flexible and sits perfectly on the lash line, I did have to trim them slightly but id rather do that then them be to short. The glue is the same in all packages so they stayed on and didn't budge all night.
I highly recommend Eylure if your new to lashes as there super easy to apply, excellent quality and the glue is amazing! They have a wide range of styles so there's something for everyone.
Take a look at all there styles HERE
*I was sent these lashes by Eylure for free to review*

Monday, 25 April 2016

You can't buy happiness but you can buy tea and thats the same thing, right!

It's no secret I love a good a brew, so when Jadu tea contacted me to see if I'd like to try some of there luxury tea I was over the moon.
I'm normally a breakfast tea drinker and have the occasional green or camomile tea so to try something different is very exciting.
When I say earl grey some of you might think 'exciting' but I cant say I've ever tried it, there earl grey is made with Sri Lankan Uve black tea, bergamot and infused with citrus. lemon, orange and lemongrass finished off with delightful little red cornflowers.
Most of there teas are loose leaf which I did receive but there 'mademoiselle' grey are in bags.
There earl grey is so refreshing and a lovely pick me up when your feeling down or need a kick, being a mum to a little monkey this is perfect for me.


Jadu have sent me lots of gorgeous teas so keep an eye out for some more tea posts in the future.
Search there teas HERE
*Jadu sent me these teas free for my honest review*
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Friday, 15 April 2016

HANNAH Jewellery.

I've been extremely lucky to receive some gorgeous pieces from HANNAH.
HANNAH make simple designs, handmade from sterling silver, gold and rose gold.
They let me choose my pieces (I love company's who do that, I know I'll love what I receive then)
I chose there sterling silver and rose gold mix wrap ring and there sterling silver initial necklace.

I love how there ring is mixed metals, I were a lot of both silver and rose gold so I can put it with any of my other pieces at home. I was draw to this ring because not one ring can be/look the same, with it been handmade. The size is spot on & the ring is finished to a very high standard.


I love the simplicity of the initial necklace, I've got a lot of big statement necklaces and only a few delicate ones so this will probably be worn to death as I'm loving the simplicity look at the minute.
It sits just perfectly on the neck at the right length.
As I guessed it would be its finished off to a very high standard.

You can purchase these pieces online HERE
or you can check them out on Instagram
*I was sent these pieces free for my honest review*
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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Garlic mushrooms with primula | Snack Hack.

Primula contacted me to think of some cool recipes that you might not think of using with there tubes of cheese. I jumped at the opportunity! I love food and I hardly ever stick to recipes. The base of the recipe stays the same but I like to add my own little twist.
here's my first of a series of recipes using squeezy cheese.
Garlic Mushrooms.
What you will need:
                                Primula 'Original'
                                1 Garlic Clove
                                Double Cream
                                Bread (toasted)
Chop your garlic and cook in a little oil till golden, throw in your chopped mushrooms (Quick tip, chop more then you think! when they cook they loose water and shrink) Add your Primula 'Original' cheese and double cream. Cook until the cream thickens. Add your salt and pepper, remember you can always add more so taste as you season.
Toast your bread and pile on those mushrooms.
... its as easy as that!!!
This recipe is so versatile, you could use the mushrooms as a sauce with pasta, on a steak or piece of chicken.
You can purchase the Primula 'Original' Here.
*I was kindly sent the Primula cheese by Primula to create this recipe, everything else was bought with my own money*

Monday, 4 April 2016

L.A.B2 'I'm turning pro' Brush set.

I love makeup brushes, I probably have too many! So when I got some more in the #HBMarchMeet I was overjoyed.
I've already got some L.A.B2 brushes and I love them so I already knew id love these ones too.
 We received the 'I'm turning pro' set which is a more high quality set made with fibre luxe technology.

The set contains 4 high quality brushes; Foundation brush, buffing brush, contour brush, eye shadow brush. they have black handles with a soft touch finish for comfort and control. the brush its self is super soft and picks up just enough product.
Foundation Brush:
Provides a streak free coverage, perfect for liquid foundation or concealer.
Contour Brush:
Slightly angled to give perfect precision when sculpting the face, perfect for powder contouring.
Eye Shadow Brush: 
Blends shadow evenly, picks up enough product and fluffy enough to blend the edges.

Buffing Brush:
Buffs in product, softens lines and gives an airbrush finish.
I'm loving using these brushes, there made to a very high standard and they apply my make up perfectly. what more do you want!
You can purchase these brushes at
*I received these brushes free for my honest review*