Tuesday, 2 September 2014

My Pregnancy Story: First 14 Weeks.

!!! I'M PREGNANT !!!

I'm wanting to document my pregnancy so I can look back on it in the future & if I ever have more children I can compare them & see what's different or the same. 
If my posts do help anyone then that's a bonus I suppose.   

Since iv kept it quit until now I wanted to do a little recap of my first trimester.
I found out at about 3-4 weeks, I took a Clear Blue test which gives you a rough estimate of how far you are.
What can I say, its being a roller coaster, My pregnancy so far has being to the book, every symptom your "suppose" to get iv had.

This was the first symptom I experienced, even before I knew, I just thought I was coming down with something. Iv never experienced exhaustion like it, Once it hit I literally dropped. There was nothing I could do about it, on my days off I took naps but I always seemed to start getting sleepy at around 7 pm.

Its normally known as morning sickness but for me it was daily sickness!
I started getting it at around 5-6 weeks and my god did it hit me.
Id wake up and instantly feel it. It started easing at around 9-10 weeks and it would let me have a day off, How very kind of it :D
My gagging reflex also heightened, Strong smells would make me feel really nauseous, The TV programme Big brother set me off once, they had to eat really vile things and I literally had to run upstairs to be sick.

I LLOOVVEE Food and loosing my appetite was devastating.
I'm a tea addicted and the thought of cutting down because of caffeine filled me with sadness but I actually never wanting one!
I couldn't keep rich foods down very well, my sister made a lasagne one night for us and it tasted beautiful but 5 mouth full's in I had to run up to the toilet.
I only ever wanted to eat very bland foods and Pom Bears (a brand of crisp) were my beast friend along with jumbo dairy-lee dunker's and mash potato.

Omg have I craved cheese, cheese and ham toasties, cheese & biscuits, cheese sandwiches, jacket potato with cheese and beans and most of all goats cheese and caramelised onions but OOOHHH NOOO I cant have goats cheese, Iv always loved it but because im not meant to eat it iv wanted it even more, same with smoked salmon and pate.

Mood swings:
If you ask my partner im moody all the time but I have noticed myself that iv being getting moody about small silly things and have to stop myself.
I'm also getting irritated with things really easily and iv had a little bit of paranoia which is a little odd for me.

I suffer with it any way but since finding out its being heightened slightly, not for anything specific but in general. Big things and events always set it off and I think I can class this as a big thing.

Other not to pleasant things:
This could be quite TMI but im here to tell the truth.
Toilet issues, I haven't being regular for a while now, one day ill have loose stools and the next ill be constipated, its Soooo up and down!
Cramping, I had mild period type pains which are actually quite normal, its the uterus preparing for the baby and also stretching as the baby grows, its not being bad enough to cause any concern but if it had got worse I would have made and appointment with my GP. Even though it was only mild cramping it was still uncomfortable. 

My first scan:
1st September 2014.
I was really excited yet nervous going into my scan. There was also a hint of scared, Your first scan is so important, its the scan that determines if your baby is growing correctly and is healthy, that didn't hit me until everyone was texting me before hand wishing me luck and reassuring me everything will be ok.
When I saw my baby on the monitor I suddenly felt pregnant, as silly as it sounds.
I shed a little tear.
It was a bizarre feeling, It was wriggling around, kicking, hiccuping & yawing, seeing that yet not feeling any of it going on in my belly was crazy! It took the midwife a few attempts to get a measurement because of all the wriggling.
I went into the scan thinking I was just over 12 weeks yet the baby was measuring at 14 weeks, Myself and my partner were so shocked.

My Due date is 27th February 2015.


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