Wednesday, 3 September 2014

My Pregnancy Story | Pregnancy Hair.

Its a well known fact that during pregnancy your hair feels like its getting thicker & longer but what is actually happening is your just not loosing it as fast. The higher levels of Estrogen your body is producing prolongs the growing period your hair goes through.
The down side to all this is your post-partum hair may not be so long and thick, after giving birth your hair growth cycle goes back to how it was before your pregnancy.

During my pregnancy im going to look after my hair as well as I can so when my hair does decide to all fall out the hair left will still be long, thick, healthy and strong. The only other option would to keep having babies but im not keen on that idea just yet.

My Plan-

Keeping my hair nourished, seen as my hairs bleached its quite dry as it is, will help with growing by preventing any snapping or breakage.
Nourishing shampoo and conditioners, treatments and hair oils will help to keep the moisture in.

Using less heat, im pretty good at keeping my hair away from heat, I regularly leave my hair to dry naturally its straighteners that's my problem, my natural hair is neither straight or curly so leaving it in its natural state isn't an option. I'm rubbish at using heat protectors so im going to really try and remember to put it on every time I dry my hair or straighten it.

Using my 'tangle teezer' ALL the time, I do this any way so its not a hard task for me.

Regular hair cuts, This is difficult for me "But you work in a hairdressers" you may be saying but that's the reason, finding the time to have it done is hard and customers come first obviously so being able to fit it in the book is always hard. Iv being naughty a few times and trimmed the ends myself * DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME * I'm really going to try and find the time to have regular cuts.

Hopefully doing these few steps and having a little more patients in really trying to look after it more will help keeping it looking nice after the baby is here.

If anyone's got any more suggestions let me know in the comments.


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