Friday, 15 April 2016

HANNAH Jewellery.

I've been extremely lucky to receive some gorgeous pieces from HANNAH.
HANNAH make simple designs, handmade from sterling silver, gold and rose gold.
They let me choose my pieces (I love company's who do that, I know I'll love what I receive then)
I chose there sterling silver and rose gold mix wrap ring and there sterling silver initial necklace.

I love how there ring is mixed metals, I were a lot of both silver and rose gold so I can put it with any of my other pieces at home. I was draw to this ring because not one ring can be/look the same, with it been handmade. The size is spot on & the ring is finished to a very high standard.


I love the simplicity of the initial necklace, I've got a lot of big statement necklaces and only a few delicate ones so this will probably be worn to death as I'm loving the simplicity look at the minute.
It sits just perfectly on the neck at the right length.
As I guessed it would be its finished off to a very high standard.

You can purchase these pieces online HERE
or you can check them out on Instagram
*I was sent these pieces free for my honest review*
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