Friday, 25 April 2014

Being a Hairdresser.

I Love My Job.

Im a Hairdresser in a busy, modern salon in the town that i live in.
I absolutely love working there!
I work with the best people, Everyday is different & i'm always learning something new.
My confidence has grown since becoming a stylist, having to have a conversation with someone you've never met before can be the scariest experience but its made me grow as a person.
Im so happy right now and loving my job is one of the main reasons.

I love taking pictures of my achievements.
(Heres a few images of the work i have done with a little description of how i achieved it)


Ombre: The ombre is a big trend at the moment in the hair world and everyone has there own way of doing it, it can be done in all colours, here is a blonde example. To create the perfect ombre my number one tip is blend the line between the two colours.
If the client isn't already blonde then apply bleach to the ends and lift to the desired shade, as you can tell by this image i staggered the bleach above the line of colour to give a graduated lightness effect. If the client is blonde then apply the root colour first and almost do the last technique in reverse, staggering the line, if needed then apply bleach sparingly to the ends to lighten the ends ( only if needed) toners can be used to create a nicer shade of blonde.


Bouncy curl: Big bouncy hair is really in at the minute and the best way to get this is by blow drying with lots of body and going in with a styling tool, either a big barrelled curling wand or straighteners.
This example was done with straightners, i took large sections rotating the straightener only half way round to create a bend in the hair rather than a curl, backcomb the root to give lift and finish with a light hairspray (you want the hair to bounce not be stiff)

The Classic Curl: This look was created by using a small conical wand, if you can't curl with straightener then a wand is the best way to get curls, for this look use medium sized sections of hair, backcomb the root and finish with hairspray and shine spray. 

Up Do's.

Grecian Goddess: Plaits and hair accessories can make an updo look like you've done some more difficult than it actually was, i simply curled the hair backcombed the to section, placed head piece along the front hairline, plaited four sections of hair and pulled them round and pinned in place (simples) its so effective and would look amazing for a prom or evening event. 

Sophisticated ponytail: This is also a very easy but effective style, create lots of height on the top section of your head, pull back into a ponytail leaving a section of hair loose in the nape of your neck, once tied wrap the loose hair around the band and secure in place with a pins. spray with hairspray for extra reassurance.

Curls to the side: This is also a very easy look to recreate, curl your hair ( however you like) backcomb library the majority of your hair (about three quarters of the way down) pull the hair round to the side you prefer and pin in place, leave a few curls round the font of the hairline to give a more romantic feel and of course spray with hairspray, apply shine pray to give a glossy finish.


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