Tuesday, 1 April 2014

March 'Hair' Favorite's 2014.

 March 'Hair' Favorite's 2014.

These 6 products have been my hairs saviour this past month. 
My hair hasn't been in the best condition lately, i've seriously being letting it down :( So i gave myself a kick up the bum and invested in what i believe to be the best products for my hair.

L'OREAL Elnett satin heat styling spray '3 Days Volume' - I'm so rubbish at using heat protectors but when i saw this l'oreal on that gives volume i had to try it. it did not fail to impress me 'it does what it says on the tin' My hair feels soft and looks shiny also my hair kept the volume until i washed it (it could have been 4-5 days :\ )

FUDGE Urban spray - I've used used about every brand of hairspray going but none of them have smelt half as good as this one, Iced raspberry and vanilla (i have a thing for smells, as you will see when reading about the milkshake products) not only does it smell good when you spray it, the smell lasts for a couple of hours on your hair too!

REDKEN extreme anti-snap treatment - This is a rediscovery for me, i bought it about a year ago, used it and then forgot about it. I found it lying around when i had a clearout and decided to give it another try, Its got a serum like texture and doesnt leave your hair feeling crispy when dried which some treatments can do. my ends have never felt to good, when i brush my hair theres less breakage which must mean my hairs not as damaged.

MILK_SHAKE - a very unknown brand, has being the biggest hero out of all the products. The salon that i work in stock this brand and the second i was introduced to it i fell in love, the smell is just to die for. its a very sweet smelling product, reminds me of toffee, i mean come on what's more appealing then something smelling like you could eat it! BUT i didn't just fall in love with the smell. The 'Leave in Conditioner' i a great detangler teamed with the tangle teezer (which i couldn't live without) i feel more confident brushing my hair knowing its not getting damged in the process. Last but certainly not least is my favorite product out of them all, 'Incredible milk 12 effects' this product is AMAZING, The 12 it claims to have are as followed:
  1. Repairs ALL hair types
  2. Frizz Control
  3. Prevents split ends
  4. Heat protection
  5. Long lasting hairstyle
  6. Incredibly detangling
  7. Magnificent shine
  8. Adds Body & Volume
  9. Easier Ironing
  10. Protects and maintains colour
  11. Protects from UV rays 
  12. 12.Smoothes the cuticle
So far i cant deny any of them are false, I highly recommend this product to anyone with either blonde, damaged hair or wants to get there hair in better condition.

I mentioned briefly that i can not live without my Tangle Teezer, its the best invention since the kettle (i love tea) it glides through my wet knotted hair like butter, AMAZING!

So these were my favorite hair products for March 2014, I hope you've found this helpful, please check out the MILK_SHAKE range, theres some amazing products and one for every hair type or problem.

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