Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Bump Time Capsule.

I was having one of my pinterest splurges when I came across bump casts.
My best friend is currently 36 weeks pregnant so I thought it would be the perfect time to do one for her, she's coming to the end of pregnancy so she's probably at her biggest (which isn't very big at all).
I text her straight away and she thought it was an amazing idea, I couldn't wait!
Things you'll need: 
Plaster cloth,
Warm water,
An old cloth,
Cling film.

I searched for some 'distructions' as we call them in our house as we mainly destroy things because of them ;D I quickly scanned over them, just to get a vague idea of what to do.
I also put a apron on, it was deffinatly needed as it was a messy job!

We decided to use cling film for the whole area instead of oiling it up, We had a few giggles doing this and Alix pulled a corker 'I feel like a fish' my response was 'what kind of fish do you rap in cling film' :/

I started in the boob area as I wanted that to set first with it being a difficult are to mould, once it was dry I could sculpt the area a bit better. 
It was weird touching another woman's boob area but as we both cleared up she did have a bra on and cling film covering them.

Action Shot.
It was such a weird feeling, the plaster cloth was very slimy once you'd wet it.

Once id done a couple of layers we let it dry for a little while (we left it for 10-15 mins).
It got solid very quickly.

Rough run down on what you need to do.
Cut the plaster into strips, place them into the warm water, place on the body and smooth over ... simples.

I'm glad we used cling film because it pooped of very easily, it was bizarre looking at Alix's bump on the floor! Alix got to see it properly without it being on her.

There wasn't as much mess as I thought there would be.

Alix is going to be doing a brief post on it too on her blog, to check hers out click here.
She has a fitness blog, she also does pregnancy updates and when baby's here shell be posting about him too, Go check her out!


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