Monday, 19 May 2014

YouTube/Blogger Culture.

This is a short and possibly a controversial topic depending on what your view is on YouTubers and bloggers.
These are my opinions only so please don't take offence.

Social media is taking over the world at the minute so im not surprised this topic has erupted, iv seen it floating around YouTube, Facebook and twitter so I thought id do a quick post on it with my feelings towards 'famous' YouTubers and bloggers.

Iv being reading blog's and watching YouTube videos for years and I do have my favourite ones that I watch and read on a daily basis, Iv never being to a meet up so I've not experienced the craziness for my self but from watching videos I don't think id actually want to go to one.

I'm 22 years old so being around screaming teenagers really isn't my scene. Don't get me wrong id love to meet them but I couldn't possibly handle that kind of environment. 
On some of the vlog's iv watched you cant even hear anything but screams, to me there normal people, if they were in there local shop I doubt anyone would recognise them but put them in an organised event and everyone goes crazy.
To me someone who's 'famous' couldn't leave there front door without being mobbed.

I feel incredibly sorry for them and that's why im put off from doing YouTube videos myself, people could have 1 subscriber and three days later have millions, I couldn't handle that myself as much as id love to start.

I'm starting to see that its getting the same for bloggers, thankfully not as bad.
I know from personal experience if your a blogger you want to be recognised for what you do, there's no point blogging if there's no one there to read it so when people say they don't blog for follows and views they should maybe consider writing a diary instead, that goes for YouTubers, if you don't want the potential fame and publicity them don't do it.

I told you this could be a controversial post but I thought id put my two pence in and have my say.
Leave a comment with your views on this topic, id love to know :)


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