Sunday, 18 May 2014

Haul: Charity Shop

I love going charity shop shopping, I got it from my mum, when I was little I'd always go with her & I'd get to choose something, id always go for some tacky ornament! so it wasn't really a surprise that id love going into charity shops now. Some people don't like the idea of getting things from charity shop, I don't blame them, I don't buy things that have seen better days, I always go for high quality items. 
Iv had lots of luck over the years, for example iv bought Topshop boots, Big knitted jumpers brand new tops & lots for my nephew, iv got a Mamas & Papas rocking horse worth over £300 for just £20. 

My most recent finds are absolute gems!

Miss Selfridge top: 

This was brand new, it still had its original tags on.
Its a size 14 but the way its cut it doesn't matter, it just looks like a over sized top.
I love the embossed floral pattern, it gives the top more detail then just printing the pattern on it.
It quite a stiff material so its going to be long lasting. I think ill be wearing this a lot throughout summer.
Its cost me £3.99, Originally £24.00.

Brown Leather bag:

 Iv been wanting a new bag but had no luck looking for one I liked.
I'd seen a few in the shop but I wasn't taken with them, then out the corner of my eye I saw this one hidden on the bottom shelf, I practically ran! I had a look to see were it was from but I couldn't see any tags, which makes me think its vintage.
Its very roomy, lots of space for all my junk.
Here's the best bit, it only cost me £3.99 .... BARGAIN!!!

Brown Leather purse:

This purse also has no labels so it could also be vintage.
I thought this purse would match the bag, there slightly different shades of brown but I don't mind.
Its not the biggest of purses but it'll stop me filling it with loads of receipts and crap I don't really need in there.
This cost me the measly amount of £1.50 .... BIGGER BARGAIN!!!

This isn't the biggest of hauls but its more quality over quantity.
The bit of advice id give you for shopping in charity shops is be patient because something will pop up, just look closely and don't be disappointed if you don't find anything first time, its pot luck when it comes to charity shops.

Let me know in the comments what charity shop gems you've picked up??


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