Friday, 13 June 2014

Lush: Sex Bomb Bath Ballistic.

First of all can I just say how beautiful this looks.
its so vibrant with the pinks & purples, I also love the little paper rose in the top.
I LOVE lush products, they smell amazing and don't irritate my skin, even with the colourings and perfumes in them.

Sex bomb is an old classic in Lush, its one of the originals, as far as im aware.
It was created to release stress and anxiety. 
The Jasmine helps reduce stress, Ylang Ylang soothes your worries & Clary sage clears the mind.

A bath ballistic is designed to fizz and explode a blast of colour into your bath, its an experience & makes your bath time a little exciting. 

How beautiful is that!
Not only do you get a blast of colour your whole bath room is inject with a gorgeous smell.

Ombre bath.
The whole bath goes a beautiful vibrant pink.
You'd probably think that it would stain you and your bath but surprisingly it doesn't.
I have quite sensitive skin and so far I Haven't had any reactions to any of the bath bombs or bubble bars that iv used.


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