Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Nephews christening: Sweet Trees.

My sister & myself decided to do some sweet trees for my nephews christening.
I found them on pinterest one day & Clo said she'd love some so I got searching for the materials & found a kit with two of everything I needed on Amazon for only £12.00.

I was really impressed with what I got, Every step had instructions on how to do it.
It was all really good quality as well.
what you get: 2 polystyrene balls
2 wooden sticks
2 metal plant pots
plastic cup for measuring out the plaster
food bags for mixing the plater.
Two instruction booklets

We decided to do one with wrapped sweets and one with chocolate, just so we could have a go really.
There's only a few pictures of what we did as some of it was messy and my nephew was awake as we did it so he needed entertaining too.

First we lined the metal plant pots with cling film, we then mixed the plaster, two cups of plater to one cup water. we then poor it into the pots three quarters high and placed he sticks in the middle, hold them until they stood on there own and then until the plaster was set.

Trim the excess cling film off.

Make a hole slightly smaller then the thickness of the poll so its tight and slot the ball onto it.

For some reason I didn't take a picture of us putting the toffees on but heres the drumsticks (we ended up buying some more because we felt like it needed more to fill it out)
we needed to make small holes to help them go in easier.

  We then melted the chocolate to paint on the second ball so we could stick buttons and mini marshmallows on.

At first we were using a tea spoon to put the chocolate on but it was really messy that way so we found a clean brush and it went on a lot better.
We used giant buttons slightly over lapping each other and we did lines alternating the pink & white mini marshmallows.
It wasn't the easiest of things, it got very messy and girls being girls we couldn't resist eating some of the chocolate.

My nephew also enjoyed eating the chocolate, it started with a little amount and ended up all over his face and him!!
We also got very hyper and got the giggles, which didn't help with the melted chocolate situation ... we got covered in it.

... And heres the finished results, we decorated the polls with ribbon and the pots with bows.
We filled the one with chocolate on's base with Maltesers.

We were sooooo impressed with our selfs!!

I'm going to be taking lots of pictures of the christening so keep an eye out for that blog post



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