Tuesday, 10 June 2014

My Nephews Christening: 08.06.2014

I attended my nephews christening this weekend just gone.
I was lucky enough to be asked by my sister to be one of his godmothers too, so not only do I have the privilege of being his auntie, im his godmother as well.
It was held in my sisters local church, there were two other christening on the same day so the church was packed, it was a very beautiful church, the atmosphere was lovely.

I wanted to buy my nephew his outfit for his christening present off me.
Its not a great photo because I couldn't get hold of him for long enough, Everyone wanted a cuddle off him.
Its an ivory casual suite made up of a collarless shirt, soft trousers cuffed at the ankle and a waist coat.
He looked soooooo cute.

We all got seated and the priest started his service, we sang a few songs and then he blessed harry with a holy oil. He loved it and tried grabbing his hand for more!

After some more singing and readings he asked the parents & godparents to make there way over to the font for the main blessing with the holy water and the burning of a candle, we all made a vow to protect harry and guide him on his way (im not sure on the religious meaning for it)

After the service we all made our way to the local pub.
 I forgot to get a photo of the inside *slap on the wrist* but it was all old worldly, I loved it but it was such a beautiful hot day everyone gravitated to the garden out back.

Harry's cake & sweet trees before the buffet came out.

Harry's amazing cake.

Godmother gift from Harry (my sister)

My handsome boyfriend and myself.

Lauren & myself.

My cute gramps.

Nanny, Auntie, Uncle & Cousins.

Granddad doing his duties.

Mine & my sisters godparents (They came all the way from down south bless them)

My sister & the back of her boyfriend (you can just see her pulling a crazy face)
 I had such a great day, it couldn't have being more beautiful.
My nephew was an angel and seemed to have enjoyed his special day!


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