Friday, 14 November 2014

Arbonne Review.

Iv never used Arbonne before, id only heard the name float around a few times. I had heard really good things about it so when I was asked to do a review on it I was very excited and intrigued. I was approached by an Arbonne consultant, Chloe, she'd read my blog and thought it would be a good way to advertise Arbonne as they only advertise through word of mouth and don't do television or magazine advertisements as of yet.

Arbonne is a product range free from harmful ingredients. they commit everything into research and testing to make sure there ingredients meet and exceed industry standards. they never do animal testing, which I love, and non of there products contain animal derived ingredients or animal by-products, which I also love, who wouldn't.

Myself and Chloe met for a chat over a hot chocolate and she told me about the company and products. She gave me some tester products to take away and try for a weeks, as I have oily skin she gave me products that would suit my skin type.
The products she gave me were from the FC5 range which contained:

- Purifying cleanser + toner.

I'm usually a Liz Earle cleanse and polish user, when I can be bothered to use a cleanser, so I obviously compared them both.
A cleanser to me should remove all your make up and leave your skin refreshed and defiantly not dry.
It lathered up really well and smelt so fresh, my skin felt lovely and silky soft.

- Oil absorbing day lotion.

I had extremely high hopes for this moisturiser as anything that says it absorbs oil im all over it.
I cant say it worked miracles but i did notice my skin got oiler a lot later on in the day rather then around lunch. It had a lovely fresh smell and it sinked into my skin pretty quickly.

- Moisturising night crème.

Iv never used a separate crème for day and night, I wasn't much of a fan, it was quite a thick consistency and it felt clagy on my skin, It did smell nice and fresh though.

- Mattifying powder.

I'm a massive lover of the Rimmel stay matte powder, it works wonders for me so this powder had a lot to live up to. I did love it but because of the price difference id still opt for the Rimmel as its a lot cheaper.

All in all Arbonne is a lovely range, if I didn't know about all the goodness in them or the fact there animal friendly I don't think id like them as much, they didn't WOW me but I was impressed by the freshness and how my skin felt after using them. There not the cheapest of products but if your willing to invest in your beauty products then id say its worth it based on the ingredients and animal friendly testing.


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