Friday, 14 November 2014

Hull Bloggers Tag | TAG

This is the official #HullBloggers Tag.
Each question has being suggested by a Hull blogger.
There a mixture of Hull related questions with a few other ones thrown in.

1. Charley- 
We all know Hull is the greatest place on earth, but if you didn't live there, where would you live?
I think id like to live in Brighton, it seems like such an interesting place to live with all the independent shops and the fun looking pier, if i cant live there id at least like to visit one day!

2. Joanna-
On average how many make up products do you use per day?
I use 7 products when doing my everyday make up look.

3. Kate- 
If you were given a plane ticket and told you can go absolutely anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
Ohhhh Kate what a question, I think id go to New York, over Christmas.
I can imagine its such a magical place at that time of season, especially if it snows.
I could imagine it being very busy and hectic though!

4. Lucy-
Which independent shop do you like to visit in hull?
I'm a big lover of high street shops and never think about going into independent shops, but after having to think about this question im going to hunt down some independant shops to go in.

5. Susan-
What are the main differences between your make up looks and choices of products in the summer and the winter?
I love this question, During summer I hardly wear make up, I hate heat and I like to feel 'naked' (not literal) I tend to go for a fresh look, light coverage foundation, a simple sweep of colour over the lid and a little mascara.
During winter I tend to get a few break outs so I go for a more full coverage foundation and I like to go for a smokey eye and sometimes, if im feeling brave a bold lip.

6. Megan-
Where do you think is the best place to take outfit photos in hull?
Id probably head over to the fruit market, near Hull marina. Its got some really interesting shop fronts, some are derelict but still have the original signs.

7. Chloe-
What makes Hull unique?
Apart from it having its own lingo, Hull has so much history, you can visit an array of museums and tourist destinations like the deep. We have Hull fair which is one of the largest fun fairs in Europe, We hold events such as Hull fashion week, Humber street sesh, Food markets and much more. We've being voted Hull city of culture 2014 and with the funding im sure there's a lot to come for Hull.

8. Alex-
(The creator of this TAG)
What's your favourite thing to do in hull?
I cant really think of one specific thing, I love Eating out in Hull, it has some lovely places to eat, I'm always thinking of my belly!

Last but not least, My question
Most repurchased beauty item?
I have two products, Rimmels Match Perfection foundation and Rimmels Stay Matte powder.
Ill always use these two products unless they stop working for me.

If you are from Hull and want to do this tag then feel free to do so, I TAG everybody.

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